Faculty: Deepa Maheshwari

TA: Anmol Tewari

Designed Ecologies

With increasing urbanisation, there have been presurres on nature and natural processes. Resultantly, conflict areas are created, which are often highly stressed pockets that require and in-depth and empathetic approach. Such areas have been causing ecological disruption and affecting social constructs. It is the need of the hour to propose paradigms of designed ecology to rebuild, support, and recollect the gradually fragmenting land mosaics. Devised ecosystems take time to evolve and are often the outcome of multiple interactions that are dynamic in nature and operate over myriad scales across socioeconomic and biophysical processes. The resilience of a city and the degree to which change is acceptable before reorganization to create a new set of structures is highly dependent on these interactions. The studio allowed for exploratory research that gave foundation to the proposal and helped explore design strategies to implement the research outcomes.

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Studio Unit

Studio Introduction & Structure

Site Analysis

Conceptual Explorations

Conceptual Explorations

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