Gangurde Mugdha Vishwas


Revival of Ecological - Cultural Landscape

The project aims to revitalize a neglected piece of land that holds significant ecological and cultural value. The site has a rich history of culture, mythology, and religion, and was formerly part of a forest and agricultural fields, indicating that it contains rich soil. The site is ecologically rich with two rivers flowing along it, providing a rich riparian zone with much of the extant native flora. However, the site was left barren for years and was overgrazed and underutilized, allowing alien plant species to proliferate. During the Kumbh Mela festival, a tented city was built there without taking into account the natural aspects of the land. Trees were chopped down, concrete plinths were built, and the earth was disturbed, leading to several issues such as soil erosion, river silting, and the direct dumping of garbage on land and in water. The project aims to create a harmonious coexistence between ecological and cultural values by enhancing the ecological and cultural value of the site and optimizing its usage. The design will respect and celebrate the natural environment and cultural heritage of the place, recognizing that they are not mutually exclusive but rather interdependent. The project will preserve the ecological value of the site using sustainable design practices such as using existing vegetation, topography, water bodies, and inviting the local fauna. The cultural value of the site will be enhanced by designing eco-cultural trails and exhibits and integrating the existing ghats and temples into the design. The design will celebrate the unique character of the site, promoting sustainability and meaningful experiences for visitors, creating an eco-cultural tourism site. The project will help in uplifting the neglected value of the land, and serve as a model for reviving neglected lands with significant ecological and cultural value.

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Introduction to city | Climate analysis | Cultural-Religious significance

Introduction to Tapovan | Site Significance | Site selection | Eidetic photomontage

Site documentation | Site analysis

Site analysis | Flora documentation | Activity mapping

S.W.O.T analysis | Site synthesis |Program brief | Conceptual zoning

Ecological strategies | Eidetic montage | Vision statement

Master plan | Master plan (12th year) | Site sections

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Productive landscape | Proposal of Productive landscape