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Deepak Harilal Patel



The demand and increase in urbanization has caused pressure on the green pockets of the city. Jalgaon City situated in North Maharashtra had seen rapid urbanization in the past few years letting the city’s fringes extend in all sides. The character of these fringes had been dominated by a certain growth pattern demanded by the city. These fringes consisting of agriculture fields, forests, wetlands becomes an area of high ecological importance which surrounds the city and are extremely vulnerable to intrusion, change, and loss. The agriculture fields are reconsidered as development lands which has compromised the value of ecologically important sites and are left in barren state for most of the time in the year. This make the need to revive such sites of ecological importance which holds the potential to contribute to the city.

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Report Content

Introduction l Site location l Climate study l Area of study :

Understanding the Kumbharkhori forest reserve at larger context I Co- relation between Kumbharkhori Forest reserve and Biodiversity heritage Sites

Understanding the growth of settlements around Kumbharkhori forest reserve I Sections at larger context

Understanding Kumbharkhori forest reserve

Site sections

Vision I Strategies

Understanding physical layers of kumbharkhori forest reserve I Composite maps

Conceptual explorations I Zoning

Master plan I Proposed Sections I Detail plans

Master plan views I Sustainable forest model I Economic value