Parikh Arshav Samirbhai


Urban and Ecological Concords

As urbanization progresses, one of the major areas where conflicts can be found is on the outskirts of cities. This discord has resulted in the formation of natural layers and urbanization. The project’s goal is to understand all of the ecological and human aspects present in that area, and then propose a method for urbanization that preserves all of those layers while also achieving agreement between urbanization and natural layers. This demonstration site was chosen on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. The site is in the Santej area, which is proposed as an industrial zone in AUDA’s development plan 2021. The TP scheme no 151,152,153,154,307 falls under this area .  Following analysis and comprehension, the area is developed with the concept of green infrastructure, which allows us to preserve many micro habitats of the site and connect it to a larger context. The concept of Bioswales is used to manage all storm water, and then this water is purified using natural and man-made techniques before being returned to the lake for use by people. Along with it, the concept of walkability is introduced. All of the green pockets have been developed in such a way that recreation and social spaces have been created. This is demonstrated by various types of modules. Along with these guidelines, standards for streets and buildings are being proposed. Thus by following the process and certain concept a concord is formed and it not only benefits ecologically but socially and economically

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Report Content

Urban Fringe | Conflicts in Urban Fringe |Site selection and Location

Understanding Larger Context

Site Documentation | First Impression

Site Documentation |Ecological Aspects |Human Aspects

Site Documentation and Analysis |Comparative Analysis |Vision

Master Plan | Conceptual Exploration

Master plan |Guidelines for components of Street GI and Buildings GI

Master plan |Green Pockets Linking |Modules for Stream and Lake

Modules for Green Pockets | Views

Modules for Green Pockets | Views |Conclusion