Faculty: Vishwanath Kashikar

Urban housing in India

Spatial studies of urban housing in India are few and far between. There are no parallels to studies like housing
design and society in Amsterdam [Stieber, 1998] and a history of housing in New York [Plunz, 1990]. House, but no
garden [Rao, 2013] probably comes closest to such a study in the Indian context. A few exhibitions in the recent past
[State of Housing, 2018 and Decoding Mumbai, 2022] have attempted to address issues of spatiality in mainstream
urban housing but they continue to be centered on Mumbai. This research proposes to document and analyze muti-
story urban housing types from mid-20th century to the present day. Ahmedabad will be the primary focus of this
The primary objective of the research is to establish the impact of culture, politics, economics, regulations, historic
trajectories, building technology, and delivery mechanisms on the type of urban housing design at the scale of the
site, block, and unit. Each student will be expected to study the impact of one of the above-mentioned determinants
on housing type.