Prasit Nirmesh Gandhi



Rapidly expanding cities of India are witnessing creation of dense high rise housing buildings and redevelopment of the existing ones in order to deal with the housing crunch. As a response to this, the research aims to look at ways of upgrading and transforming existing vertical housing buildings beyond the conventional way of demolition and rebuilding. The city of Ahmedabad makes a relevant case for such a research owing to its rapidly growing real estate market. Seeing the current trends of housing supply, existing vertical housing projects which are considered outdated and obsolete are endangered to demolition and go under redevelopment. The research reinforces value in incremental growth in housing and shifts the focus from completely new construction as the only way to upgrade the quality and increase housing supply. By applying research by design methodology to two case studies, the research has been able to establish architectural factors that determine the possibility of spatial transformation of existing stock of vertical housing buildings and its economic feasibility. 
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Report Content

Research Proposal

Current scenario of vertical housing in Ahmedabad

About redevelopment

Housing transformation

Transformation in vertical housing

Sites // Methodology

Case study assessment

Analysis // Possibilities

Speculated ways

Inferences // Conclusion