Faculty: Jayesh Parekh

Ephemeral Architecture: An inquiry into the temporary structures in an urban context.

Temporary architecture has thrived throughout history. Since prehistoric times, we have seen ephemeral
architecture used for rising crises, conflicts, pop-up and exhibition venues. Today, however, we find ephemeral
architectural projects that demonstrate fresh notions for the future of architecture and urbanization. This DRP looks
into temporary architecture and its potential as a space that is more flexible and adaptable, a space to test scenarios
and possibilities, a space that is simple to assemble, disassemble, and transport, and a space that can easily
accommodate movement, growth, and change.
This DRP will investigate the potential for temporary architecture to become a new model in urban areas and will
develop new models to investigate its ability to provide new responses to changing urban dynamics and urban
processes in addition to conventional architectural methods.