Faculty: Vaibhavi Thakkar Desai | Shailee Trivedi

TA: Surabhi Motwani

Poetry of Light

The studio incorporated Fundamentals of Daylight, daylight controls, shading systems for heat and Glare Management, daylight quality and distribution. Intentions were to make students understand the importance of daylighting and the techniques of incorporating and balancing it. The study exercise of building a model and playing with light was conducted which at the end becomes an extensive study model to understand daylight and its relations with interior space. It also incorporated biodynamic lighting and lighting effects in human wellbeing, Artificial Lighting with study of basic design guidelines and design criteria. The studio also included two Interior lighting design projects where students completed the final project with specification of luminaires and tendering. At the end of the studio, students learnt the basic fundamentals of lighting design with three projects in the term that helped them understand and respect light in a better way

Studio Unit