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Shruthi D Mohan


Echoes from the Void| Exploring the cratered depths

Exploring the echoes originating from the cratered depths|
The project explores the varied design scope of a riverfront site located in proximity to the Old city, with Sabarmati river to its west and Sunday market to its east. The potentials of the site being that its riverfront facing and its nearby context is at different lower levels. 
The primary aim is to explore the unseen, through unearthing and by creating a crater-like experience. The different crater-like experience of being on its rim gives the viewer a sense of landscape, which was adapted from the rooftop building view of the old city buildings. Also, imbibing the experience of being within the crater makes the viewer more involved in their immediate context. Views from the site experienced on the site edge railings, obscured by tree tops with broken visuals due to a 3m height difference, add to the complexity of the view.

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Report Content

Phase 1| Aesthetic Creation Theory| Landing

Phase 1| Lyrical Exploration| Phenomenology

Phase 2| Landing

Phase 2| Grounding

Phase 2| Grounding

Phase 2| Finding

Final Design Resolution| Master Plan| Design Proposal

Final Design Resolution| Detail Site Plan

Final Design Resolution| Sectional View

Final Design Resolution| Planting Palette| View