Faculty: Nikhil Dhar | Priyanka Kanhare

TA: Yashi Tripathi

Routes of Landscape Design

The studio aimed to reduce the fear of the empty page by making students familiar with various design methods and approaches. It emphasized free, joyful and creative design exploration. The studio consisted of three basic parts: 1. Readings and films introduced ways of approaching design that were used to create quick-and-dirty designs on hypothetical and real sites. 2. The approaches were evaluated for effectiveness through rapid ‘pros and cons’ studies and a Design Approach Evaluation Matrix. 3. Sites in Ahmedabad were taken for swift analysis and detailed designs were created on these using the approaches found to be most effective in steps 1 and 2.

Studio Unit

Studio intent and initial design explorations

Studio timeline with initial design explorations

Final site descriptions with Girot's Four trace concepts

Final design approaches

Final Design explorations