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Joshi Janhavi Milind Radha


Weaving canopies : Journey in-between knots and threads

‘Weaving canopies’ is about the experiential journey through the built of CEE into the woods. The knots or the plazas are where the primary imprints take place. The layering of the imprints at each node are endings to new experiences. So, one space leads to another creating a thread connecting pathways. The spaces quickly change from being recreational to being cognitive. These idea articulations are translated to form articulations like the plazas, mounds, ponds, and the boardwalk. The boardwalk is the bold element which transitions into pavilions at the tree canopy level. 

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Report Content

Readings | Avant Gardeners Concept

Design explorations | Keywords

Design explorations | Haiku | Aesthetic Creation Theory

Design explorations | Phenomenology

Landing | First impressions of CEE

Grounding | CEE Site Analysis

Grounding | CEE Site Analysis

Finding | Building a narrative

Founding | The finale design

Founding | Details