Ketki Arun Puranik



Horizons is a landscape design project that aims to tell the story of India’s struggle for independence through distinct zones that depict the emotions individuals experienced during this period. The design is placed in the Sabarmati Ashram, which holds an important place in the struggle for independence as it served as the center that promoted political and social activities aimed at promoting Indian independence from British colonial rule and most importantly the site that is dedicated to the person who has had a significant role in helping the country achieve Independence – Mahatma Gandhi. The project seeks to create spaces that depict the freedom struggle through three zones: the onset of Britishers, the struggle for independence, and achieving independence. The design will create an experience through a winding pathway surrounded by brick walls that descend as one passes through the zones, leading to terraces that leads one to the promenade of the Sabarmati Riverfront.

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