Faculty: Jay Thakkar

Fictional Spaces in the world of cinema

In the recent development in the film and OTT platform industry has given rise to the development large scale and complex temporal cinematic spaces, especially for the shoot. This has led to a deeper recognition and value of the production design. This research initiative tries to understand the production design within the Indian Context by studying cinematic spaces focusing on films and narratives that dwell in the imaginary world. As there is a lacuna in the data on the production design, primarily within the Indian and south Asian context, the preliminary commitment would be to collect data through primary research. This would require field visits to the film industry/city, production houses, and post-production firms and interviewing production designers, directors, prop designers, execution firms, new-media designers, conceptual artists, etc. In reference to the collected data, a method will be developed to observe the films and decode them visually to understand the production design connected to the narratives and the characters. A visual analysis format will be developed to represent this data - an individual body of work or as a comparative study.