Krishi Ojaskumar Jhaveri



This research marks the trajectory of Indian periodic cinema and specifically Gujarati periodic cinema. The primary aim of this study is to explore and analyze the intricate process of production design in film-making. This aim is achieved through a detailed analysis of the production design processes of two case studies: ‘Hellaro’ and ‘Kasumbo’ which both belong to the genre of Gujarati periodic films. The overarching objective is to gain an in-depth comprehension of the methods and techniques used in the creation of the worlds depicted in these films. The research is intended to offer an understanding of the significant contribution made by production designers in constructing historical worlds for characters and exhibiting the cultural legacy of a region through the temporary spaces referred to as sets. Click to know more.

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Report Content

The Proposal and Content of the Research

The journey of films and genres in Indian cinema

The journey of films and genres in Gujarati cinema

The process of film-making and the people involved in it

Analytical framework for the Case Studies

Case Study 1: Hellaro

Case Study 1: Hellaro

Case Study 2: Kasumbo

Case Study 2: Kasumbo

Way forward