Faculty: Rishav Jain

Future of craft in interior architecture practices in India

How does one position the practice of craft in the field of interior architecture today? The ever-expanding debate on the dichotomies of past and the future, the old and new, the traditional and modern, tools and technology have put constant pressure on the field of craft to reinvent and reposition itself. This has also resulted in a variety of manifestations of space-making craft in the domain of interior architecture and design. The emerging design practices in India today, are creating a variety of models of engagement with the craft community - initiating a pluralistic language of design. The research situates itself at the intersection of craft and interior architecture with an aim to identify its position within this ever evolving pluralistic design landscape of India. It intends to explore emerging design positions, technological advancements and design processes that impact the interaction between a craftsperson and a designer or a craft practice and an interior architecture practice. This research domain expands to look at the future of craft in India and allows the individual researcher to explore a thread of enquiry focused on the future of craft, interior architecture, craftspeople, designers in the Indian context.