Pulkit Jain



The study will focus on a selection of psychological thrillers that explore Social Darwinism as a theme, including films such as “Squid game” and “Alice in Borderland”. These films represent a range of approaches to exploring Social Darwinism, from more subtle and nuanced representations to more overt and explicit explorations of the theory. In conclusion, this study will provide insights into the role of spatial elements in psychological thrillers, and the ways in which these elements can be used to reflect the theory of Social Darwinism. The results of this study will be useful in further exploring the relationship between film, form and content, and in understanding the correlation and correspondence of production /set designers and interior architects. 

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Methodology and Methods

Narrative analysis of Squid game

Analytical study of Squid game

Analytical study of Squid game

Narrative analysis of Alice in Borderland S1 and S2

Analytical study of Alice in Borderland

Analytical study of Alice in Borderland

Comparative Analysis of Squid game and Alice in Borderland