Faculty: Amal Shah

TA: Isha Goel

Ecosystem for Work

Interior designers execute workplace-related projects where they are required to design ecosystems for working. These projects offer opportunities that can harmonise the needs originating from clients, work patterns, and environments. Organisations of today are demanding higher forms of flexibility and adaptability for innovation. The studio used the four metaphors devised to describe organisational work patterns and their spatial consequences: the store, nest, chamber, and group. We learnt how these concepts can be applied in the studio and saw their results for office design and operations. We examined their impact from the perspective of the needs of office users and clients. We learnt how to understand client demands and translate them into meaningful execution requirements for Interior designers. We understood the interrelationship between the shell, the services, the scenery, and the setting to generate design solutions that meet the client’s needs.

Studio Unit


Process and Planning


Articulation of Volume

Final Presentation