Maulik Damor


The SpiceBox Inc.

The project aims at planning a workspace for a company, majorly dealing with copper utensils specialized in making masala storage boxes.  The Space is then designed celebrating the company's highlighting element that is Copper.  The space promotes diversity and unity like the spices in the Box. Aiming of creating a space which also is comfortable to work in,  a warm, spacious environment for the client.  The project also deals with the spatial patterns, boundaries, enclosures, perception adopted to that of the spices in The Masala Storage Box. 

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Report Content

Intro And Comapny's Vision

Diagrams showing volumes, privacy, enclosures etc.

Plan and Rcp of the office

Sectional perspective

short sections through the space

Activity poster highlighting the spaces and its connectivity

renders of recption and Lobby

The workspace highlighting the use of copper and its textures in the render

Use of stone with copper as a contrasting material to define a space.