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  • Paradise Urn: An Indoor Plantation Modular System

Anisha Mitra


Paradise Urn: An Indoor Plantation Modular System

Form integration/ manipulation/ transition refines and sharpens ones perceptual and aesthetic sensibility to all aspects of form making which was explored through sketching, drawing and physical modelling. Taking this learning from the initial exercises the aim was to make a indoor plantation unit for a luxurious apartment. The planter was for the ‘Bird of Paradise’ plant which is one of the most common indoor plants. The tessellation pattern is derived from the ‘Bird of Paradise’ bird after which the plant was named. The final concept is tessellation that enables it to be a modular system with different heights.

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Report Content

Gestalt Law and its Application, Deconstruction of Spaces.

2D & 3D Radii Manipulation.

Transition of Forms.

Research on Studio Project: Indoor Plantation Unit for Luxurious Apartments.

Form Derivation based on the form of the plant and the bird.

Physical Exploration models.

Tessellation pattern and concept exploration.

Technical Drawings.

Material Exploration and Manufacturing Process.

Making of the 1:1 Prototype and the Final product.