Faculty: Gaurang Shah

TA: Dhavlesh Suthar

Elements of Form and Space

A Form is much more than the appearance or aesthetic properties of an object created by its outer surface. Form depends on the user’s viewpoint and the environment in which it is located; it is the expression of a product’s practicality, usability, and desirability and may convey social and cultural meaning or what John Dewey calls its intellectual, practical, and emotional characteristics. It is all aspects of an object’s character, including the values and culture to which it belongs. The totality of sensory experience and perception of every object is, in some way, conveyed by its form. The Elements of Form and Space Studio refined and sharpened the students’ perceptual and aesthetic sensibility to all aspects of form making including geometric relationships; form integration; form manipulation and form transitions explored through sketching, drawing and physical and virtual modelling.

Studio Unit

BD2004 Elements of Form and Space