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Naman Kalra


PLAY-Do (Recreational Space for Unstructured Play)

Today with the increase of smartphones and tablets becoming a staple in every home, outdoor activity has been reduced to a detrimentally low level. Apart from this, the playground slides don’t offer a lot of exciting elements. These slides took into account safety as the core factor. While doing this, the currently installed slides become uninteresting while trying to become safe. The existing forms try to tell the kids how to play, which is not how kids think. They try to defy this through their actions, like climbing backwards onto a slide. The intent was to create a form that invokes a sense of “ambiguity”. While it should be possible to do things in a certain way, there should be more ways to explore that need not be directly evident.

Report Content

Initial Exploration

Project: Play-Do

Exploring Boxes as Play Elements

Midsemester Concept

Escaping the Box

Process Models

Technical Drawing

Rope Hook Cum Grip

Digital Renders

Final Models