Faculty: Parthiv Shah

TA: Nilanshi Panchal

Furniture, Through the Eye of Sustainability

Sustainability is a cogent concept in the real world. This can be visualized for any element or system of Nature, Society, Culture etc which makes each survive, prosper and last longer. In industrial design, designers need to be sensitized to apply logical principles of sustainability to validate designs which aim to solve real world problems rather than creating some. The studio focussed on decoding the word Sustainability and intended output was a Furniture Product. This began with research on some prevalent methods like KANBAN and Strategies like Justin Time which optimize the process of manufacturing and product life cycle. Few concepts from Vernacular Architecture, Cultural and Societal products were also introduced. Students evolved concepts to the design stage and found alternatives in terms of materials, processes, packaging, transportation etc to explore design options, and their conscious design decisions were expected to make the Design - ECO-FRIENDLIER, consuming lesser material+energy = SUSTAINABLE.

Studio Unit