Astha Goyal


Designated Shelving System

Designing a modular shelving system guided by co-relation between three spaces in a Furniture design studio - Discussion Area, Workstation Area and Model Making Area. Dividing the system with respect to the usage typologies - Small scale models, Display board (Mood Board/ Material Board), Books, Catalogues and Samples and designing for each item in a way that it caters specific use, dimension and load capacity which helps in de-cluttering and organising day-to-day working at a design studio. Understanding the varied difference in dimensionality of each item, making the shelving system in a way that the shelves can easily be adjusted at different heights and the system can be expanded on need basis. Keeping the sustainability factors - Modularity, Mass-Production and Universality - as the guiding principles to optimise usage of materials, space and production technique. 

Report Content

What is Sustainability for me?


Concepts and Ideations

Final Plan and Elevations

Joinery Details

Exploded Joinery detail and Nomenclature

Final Render

Making Process

1:5 scale Model

Final Prototype