Renuka R Nair


AHMEDABAD- Legislation & Administration

Ahmedabad municipal corporation(AMC), plays a crucial role in providing various civic services to the citizens of Ahmedabad. This project studies the legislation and administration of the AMC, focusing on its organizational structure, decision-making process, roles and responsibilities, and the systems in the corporation. The study primarily concentrates on the grassroots-level elected representatives, comprehending their duties and obligations, and devising methods to empower them, especially the women representatives and the citizens at large by enhancing the governance through participatory approaches and increased transparency in the system, ultimately aiming for a better service delivery.

Report Content

Administrative & legislative structure of AMC

Roles & responsibilities of the authorities, according to the GPMC Act 1949

Analysing the duties of corporators.

Survey insights

Survey analysis and benchmarking studies for a better system

Problem diagnosis.

Proposal 1 - capacity building programs for the women ERs.

Proposal 2- Participatory governance, through citizen representation in the ward committees.

Proposal 3 - Participatory budgeting

Proposal impact analysis.