AHMEDABAD - Solid Waste Management - II

Ahmedabad, a Type 1 city in India, is facing solid waste management challenges due to inadequate infrastructure and facilities to cater to the type and volume of waste generated. This has resulted in most waste being directed to the landfill site. A circular economic approach to waste management is crucial to minimize environmental damage and promote economic growth. This study assesses Ahmedabad's waste management system and proposes suitable solutions.

Report Content

Introduction to Ahmedabad's waste management & existing scenario.

Current processes of waste management being practiced in the city.

Ideal process and the gaps in the current process.

The assessment of existing infrastructure and gaps in them.

Benchmarking for problem and solution for the specific problem.

Current process and the proposed process of the waste management with incorporating solutions.

The proposals and their details.

Business model canvas for AMC.

Project implementation timeline with ensuring segregation & further scaling it.

The impact of the proposals.