Khushi Kesarwani


Bodakdev - Public Toilets

Ahmedabad, located in Gujarat, is a bustling city facing several challenges when it comes to providing essential public services, particularly in the management and provision of public toilets. Due to inadequate infrastructure and poor operational systems, hence the project aimed to provide better sanitation facilities and ensure access to clean and safe toilets for everyone in Bodakdev, Ahmedabad. To address these issues, a comprehensive contract document was developed outlining the responsibilities of various stakeholders, including the ULB, and private operators,  Additionally, a participatory monitoring system was proposed to ensure efficient operation and maintenance of public toilets, requiring active involvement from citizens and local communities.

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Report Content

Different toilet models that are available in the ward.

Organogram and policy ecosystem of Public Toilet.

Survey parameters.

Problem genesis – survey results

Problem diagnosis of public toilets – AMC, and PPP and Smart toilets.

Concept for the proposal and benchmarks taken for proposal.

Proposal - 1 Advertisement rights.

Proposal - 2 IOT based monitoring system.

Timeline for proposal -2 .

Theory of change for the proposal.