Shah Devanshi Rakeshkumar


BODAKDEV - Street Vending Management

The Street Vending and Parking Management project, conducted as part of the Urban Governance and Management Studio, aimed to develop an efficient plan for managing street vending and parking activities in the Vastrapur, Bodakdev area. Surveys identified challenges such as congestion and inadequate revenue streams for the ULB. The proposed solution included creating a Business Improvement Zone with designated parking and street vending spaces to reduce congestion, improve safety and sanitation, and generate revenue. The studio project also designed an effective street vending zone that provides basic infrastructure facilities, such as waste disposal and sanitation, to improve the image of the area and facilitate responsible vending practices in the Vastrapur area of the Bodakdev ward in Ahmedabad.

Report Content

Introduction of street vendors and selection of study area

Existing scenario of street vendors - Vastrapur, Ahmedabad

GIS Based street vendor and Business impact survey

Problem identification and Case study of Bhubaneshwar

Formation of SPV and its five function

Plan - Governance

Appraise - Project details, Area & Financial feasibility

Appraise - Business model canvas

Implement - Project timeline and street vending relocation process

Manage - Service level benchmarks & Payment mechanisms