Sreenidhi Parasuram Iyer


Enhancing Public Transport of Surat

This studio aims to provide an understanding of the Strategic Urban Transportation Plan and its Preparation Process. Undertake a baseline assessment of different transport sub-systems and identify issues based on a long-term vision and objectives set out, develop alternative scenarios with different strategy mixes for the year 2043 for the city of Surat, Gujarat. The scenario evaluation was undertaken to propose a possible set of transport and land use for the city and further on proposal formulation in line with strategies for the enhancement of public transport systems in Surat.

Report Content

Regional and economic context of Surat

Travel demand analysis

Existing Public Transport System

Future growth of the city of Surat based on the economy

Vision, Objectives and Strategies

Issues of Public Transport in Surat

Bus Augmentation

Bus priority measures

Multi-modal integration

Phasing, Costing and institutional framework