Faculty: Shalini Sinha | Nitika Bhakuni | Nandan Dawda

TA: Kirti chandra Devaguptapu

Strategic Plan for Urban Transport System

This studio aimed to provide students with an understanding of strategic transportation plan and its preparation process. The students undertook data collection with respect to land use, transport and socio-economic characteristics of the case study city, Surat. Based on the existing situation analysis, they developed a long-term vision for the city and proposed alternative development strategies and appraised them to arrive at the most optimal set of land use transport proposals for the city. Through this studio, the students were able to identify key transport issues based on situation analysis using secondary information and/or conducting necessary transport surveys; systemically analyze and interpret data for transport planning and travel demand assessment; appreciate alternative policy instruments and their role in managing transport issues; utilize the travel demand modeling techniques for estimating future travel demand and analyzing the impact on the transport system; demonstrate rationally the adverse transport impacts and identify suitable alternatives through demand, design, capacity and economic analysis.

Studio Unit

Studio Introduction

Iteration 1: Baseline Assessment

iteration 2: Transportation sub-system analysis

Iteration 3: Scenario development and evaluation

Iteration 3: Detailing of Proposals