Bibek Das Mohapatra


Parking Management Plan of Surat

Surat being a heavy industrial city consists of a dense population mass. Due to large population mass the daily trips made are higher. In addition people with their convenience park their vehicle on-street which due to spillover creates parking encroachment and hence, congestion. Even after implementation of parking policy the problem still remains. Hence, new strategy should be implemented to tackle the problem of congestion and parking.

Report Content

Surat | The Industrial Hub

Economic Trends in Surat

Impact of Economic Trend in Surat

Review of Surat Parking Policy 2018

Existing Parking Overview

STRATEGY 1 | Modifying Parking Charges

STRATEGY 1 | Modifying Parking Charges

STRATEGY 2 | Restrict free On-street Parking in Core city area and shifting to Off-street Parking. and STRATEGY 3 | IPT Parking near PT Nodes

STRATEGY 4 | Enforcement to remove Illegal Parking