Utkarsh Kaushik


Urban Freight Management | Surat 2043

This portfolio features studio work produced during the second semester of the Master of Urban Transport Systems programme at CEPT University during the Spring 2023 session. The focus of this portfolio is confined to the author's work done during group projects, therefore it is centred on Urban Freight, Accidents and Concept Plan . The first component of this portfolio illustrates the study area's geographical setting, demographics, economic base, and significant activity and freight generating zones. As a result, the second portion contains a closer look of current freight flow and externalities like accidents. To promote efficient management of the freight traffic in the study area, strategies and suggestions are presented.

Report Content

Regional Context

About the City

Industry & Economy

Urban Freight Movement

Flow of Commodities


Issues Identified

Vision for Surat 2043

Urban Freight Proposals

Key Learnings from Studio