Faculty: Yash Shukla

‘Experimental evaluation of energy and thermal comfort by varying setpoints for the split air conditioning systems’

The majority of India has a tropical climate with the ambient temperature rising to as high as around 48°C, demanding the usage of mechanical cooling systems for indoor thermal comfort. Projection scenarios indicate that electricity consumptions predicted to increase by more than eight times under a business-as usual scenario. And the annual energy use per household is to increase from 650 kWh in 2012 to 2,750 kWh by 2050 (Rajan Rawal, Yash Shukla & Sophie Shnapp, 2015). The proposed study focuses on residential buildings, for different climatic zones of India. The study will use the experimental evaluation approach method to quantify energy use. The aim of the study is to quantify energy savings while achieving thermal comfort for split air conditioning systems in residential buildings for different cities of India.