Faculty: Ruchi Mehta | Parija Chandra

TA: Urvashi Gurubaxani

Branded Environments Design

With the rise of brand culture in India and opportunities for omni-?channel global presence for businesses, entrepreneurs have realized the need for effectively communicating their brand differentiation to attract a loyal customer base. The spatial environments in which they conduct their business, hence, becomes a critical touchpoint for the business and fall under the specialized category of spaces identified as branded environments. The design for these branded environments, demands a novel approach to address the needs of businesses while creating experiential spaces. It also requires an understanding of consumer behavior and the brand ecosystem to create a framework of spatial design to achieve consistency across its various touchpoints and outlets.

This studio addresses this evolving direction of design, where participants developed design proposals with the nuanced understanding of business model, enabled through translational research. They formulated strategic design decisions and developed schematic details as a means of brand building. This was followed by development of roll?-out manuals for various typologies of branded environments. Through this, the participants learnt the role of experiential spatial design and developed a methodology for research?-led design approach that is applicable to various categories of branded environments.

Studio Unit

Branded Environments Design_Studio Process