Pembarti Prajwal Narendra Rekha


C O N V E R G E : Visitor's Center

The studio, “Form Follows [System]” gave me a different perspective to look at any built form and its structure. From a micro to a macro level, the studio guided us through a process of understanding the system as an expression. It clarified for us how structure and design work together to create an entity. We were taught the ideas of stereotomic and tectonic in a very clear and concise manner, which enabled us to determine how to develop a tectonically dominant expression or a stereotomically dominant character as per our narrative. The studio made it very evident to me how systems may be portrayed through design and how to strike a balance between stereotomic and tectonic elements. Overall it was a studio which taught me how to look at a system as an expression and how to perceive built form with respect to form and system.  

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Case Study

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Visitor's Center Parti Diagram

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Stereotomic & Tectonic Expression

Exploded Axonometric View, Details & Renders

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