Faculty: Ujjaval Parekh | Suman Paul

TA: Jvalant Devrukhkar

Form Follows [System]

A system is never the sum of its parts it's the product of their interaction.?? Russell Ackoff

It is not the elements and their system that makes architecture, but the kind of intended interaction and integration between them that creates it. The synergy among the systems enables buildings to be environmentally performative and socially livable and, in the process, expresses the architecture of those interactions.

The provision of stability is a fundamental role of a structural system, whereas the enclosure system primarily facilitates the transformation of a structure into a functional and habitable space. A facade is not only a skin for supporting the heating or cooling of a building, but it also controls the degree of light and type of visual connectivity between inside and outside. The very multitude of demand from it compels building systems to interact with each other and makes it more than what it could be separately.

This semester focused on the interaction between program, climate, light and material in a given context as an ingredient to derive building systems and their expression. The studio adopted a design?-inquiry?-based approach to facilitate students to acquire skill sets for a systematic approach towards architectural design.

Studio Unit

Exploring systems in case studies

The Site, Project & Aspiration

Conceptual exploration of Systems

Design Development

Detailing of Systems