Vidhi Nainish Shah


Confluence-A visitor center

"Visitor center aspires to be a seamless transition; an inclusive hub and a confluent core for diverse communities within old cities".

In crafting the design for the visitor center near Atal Bridge, my focus lies on fostering confluence and inclusive. Rooted in a deep understanding of the site's role as a bridge between the iconic structure and the old city, I prioritize seamless integration of both elements. Recognizing the site's significance as a communal pause point between markets, I seek to dismantle barriers through fluid forms, ensuring accessibility for all. This aspiration, guiding the project's philosophy, extends beyond aesthetics to enhance community experiences. By studying systems of enclosure, spanning, and surface, the design aims to create an inclusive, welcoming space that enriches the socio-cultural fabric of the old city.

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Case Study: M Pavillion

Study of Stereotomics and Tectonics

Concept Initiation and system identification

Anatomy and Stereotomics and Tectonics of the built-form

Site context and drawings

Built-form iso

Activity plan and detail

Model photographs