Jacob Babu Alappatt


Release the Kraken!!

The design project for this semester focused on creating a visitors center within the Ahmedabad riverfront, guided by the principle of "form follows system." Through rigorous analysis of various case studies and engaging in time problem exercises, the studio aimed to understand the inherent systems and underlying principles governing successful architectural designs. In this context, the concept of a Kraken breaking open the promenade, symbolizing the release of tension and guiding visitors towards the river, was introduced. Here, the Kraken serves as the embodiment of the built environment, while the void it leaves behind represents the unbuilt space. Through the iterative studio process, this concept evolved into a cohesive architectural narrative, translating into meaningful and insightful spatial experiences within the visitors center. By aligning design decisions with the inherent systems and principles discovered through systematic analysis, the project endeavors to create a harmonious integration between form and function, ultimately enriching the visitor's interaction with the Ahmedabad riverfront.

Report Content

Case study | Sangath

Time problem

The process | Graphic novel | Parti diagram

Perspective section

Anatomy diagram | Planar diagram

Stereotomy v/s Tectonics

1:200 scale model

Exploded isometric view | The journey

Activity plan, section | 1:20 scale model

Orthographic views