Harshita Gupta S



The studio was in search of understanding the elements of Spanning, bearing, enclosure and surface through stereotomy and tectonic expression. The design Vaav evolved from the concept of the step wells and ghats of the Indian context of water. The built form was aimed to create a pause point for the visitors and experience the Sabarmati riverfront. Designing the spaces with respect to system integration evolved from the diagrammatic process of Parti diagrams. Amalgamation of the key words into the system created functional spaces to the Visitor center.  

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Report Content

Decoding the Steilneset memorial

Deciphering the stereotomy and tectonic elements

Understanding the systems of case studies and interpreting the time problem

Parti diagrams of Site study, Figure ground mapping, evolution of systems, spatial expression

Evolution of systems and implementation of the combinations into iterations of design

Anatomy of a unit and spatial planning through systems

Deciphering the anatomy of the built form. Understanding the stereotomy and tectonics of the design

1:20 Wall section and part details

Experience of the space through views and 1:20 Part section model

1:1000 Site model demarcating the site on context and 1:200 scale model of the design proposal