Harshal Kalantre



The core architectural vision for the visitor's center was to create a space that embodied the essence of transition, blurring the lines between interior and exterior, public and private. The overarching goal was to reimagine a public center as a place of ambiguity, where the building's inherent identity remained elusive, inviting visitors to experience a constant state of flux.Envisioned as a careful assemblage of systems and parts, the structure sought to achieve a delicate balance between isolation and interconnectedness. While each system strived to maintain its distinct identity and purpose, the design celebrated the thresholds and intersections where these systems converged, creating a harmonious coexistence of contrasting elements.

Report Content

Decoding the Stadelhofen railway station

Deciphering stereotomic and tectonic elements

Understanding the systems of case study and implementing in the time problem

Parti diagrams of architectural aspirations

Parti diagrams of the possible figure grounds

Evolution of systems through synthesis of parti diagrams

Anatomy of the system

Deciphering the tectonic and stereotomic through the planform

1:20 Wall section and part details

1:20 Structural model and 1:200 model pictures of the design proposal