Faculty: Subin Jameel | Kumaran Parthiban

TA: Shannon Maria

Objects to Worlds

Buildings typically originate from a focus on broad concepts such as cultural, social, and economic factors. These factors often relegate the intricate details of a building to a secondary role, yet these very details imbue the building with its distinctive character.

Our studio is interested in moving back and forth between these two radical scales: the scale of the building and the scale of the detail. This forms the core of the studio?s design philosophy, where we understand shifts in scale through the forensic analysis of everyday objects. These ordinary objects eventually become our springboard for shaping architectural ideas and expressions. Everyday objects are analyzed, deconstructed and reassembled by making a series of scaleless three-dimensional assemblages. In this transformative process, we defamiliarize the original objects while nurturing the relationships between their constituent parts, junctions, and joineries.

The unfolding of these new tectonics will be explored through the potential in digital tools. We will extensively engage with complex digital modeling and form making which would otherwise not be possible through traditional methods of form making. The techniques extracted from these compositions serves as the guiding principle in the design of a contemporary place of work. We introduce these qualities at an architectural scale thereby influencing the site, envelope, structure, and program of the building.

Studio Unit

Research and Ideation

Procedural modeling tools


Students formulate speculative chunk models; mesh-based techniques are integrated with traditional orthographic modeling. A strong emphasis is placed on representations through light, material, colour and pattern.

From Objects to Architecture : Students are encouraged to formulate a personalized workflow and aesthetic, with a strong emphasis on graphical representations and critical design enquiry. Models are fine tuned to adhere to program specifics, context, material and graphics without diluting the aesthetic and formal attitude of the preliminary design investigations.