Faculty: Priya Narayanan | Ananya Parikh

TA: Somya Khandelwal

Break Free : Centre for Teen Expression

A glance at cities around us reveals a virtually non-existent allocation of public space for teenagers to come together to share experiences, express themselves and have uninhibited fun without unwritten social codes of the adult world governing their behaviour. This studio questioned the absence of such spaces in a country that has 253 million adolescents and offers an opportunity to design for teens, inquiring into their idea of fun and translating them into spatial experiences.

With the key question guiding explorations in this studio being, ?What is a teenager?s definition of ?fun? and how can it be manifested in spaces they occupy?? students studied 13-17 year olds through interviews to decipher their unique worldview and aspirations. Discoveries from the interviews informed the subsequent design of an afterschool teen center in a given existing change it with architectural shell with spaces for expression, recreation and administration.

With a focus on planning and organizing, students were guided to respond to the given architectural shell and develop a user specific interior spatial language. In the process they grappled with scales, proportions, volumes, material palettes and aesthetics to develop fun interior spaces, elements and furniture for the teen user group.

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Studio Unit

Decoding the User (teens), Decoding the Site, Conducting Anthropometric Studies, Devising the Program, Studying Adjacencies

Decoding FUN, Exploring Extensions, Iterating Zoning and Interior Layouts

Developing an Interior Language through Volumetric Expressions, Interior Forms & Light Modulations, Choosing Material & Color Palette