Faculty: Rishav Jain

Craft Futures : emerging interior architecture practices

In navigating the contemporary realm of interior architecture, how does one position the practice of craft? The ongoing
discourse surrounding the juxtapositions between the past and the future, the old and the new, the traditional and the
modern, as well as the interplay between tools and technology, has exerted a constant influence on the craft sector,
compelling it to reimagine and redefine itself. This, in turn, has given rise to a diverse array of expressions within the
sphere of space-making craft in the domain of interior architecture and design.

Present-day design practices in India are notably shaping a myriad of engagement models with the craft community,
thereby fostering a pluralistic design language. This research is situated at the crossroads of craft and interior

architecture, with the overarching objective of discerning its place within the continually evolving landscape of
pluralistic design in India. The primary goal is to delve into emerging design paradigms, technological advancements,
and design processes that influence the dynamic interaction between a craftsperson and a designer, or between a craft
practice and an interior architecture practice.

The scope of this research extends beyond the immediate present, reaching into the future of craft in India. It provides a
platform for individual researchers to explore a focused line of inquiry concerning the future of craft, interior
architecture, craftspeople, and designers within the unique context of India.