Faculty: Ranna Parikh

TA: Kamya Melwani

Playful Palette : Crafting Child Centric Spaces

It is imperative to prioritize spaces that cater to children's developmental needs particularly during their formative years when growth is very rapid. As early childhood years are most impressionable, in this studio the students developed an Activity Center that supports physical, cognitive, and emotional development of children.

Each student designed a unique program by choosing different activities and conceptualizing innovative, age-appropriate solutions that foster engagement. They have worked on two sites located in Ahmedabad with age groups 3-5 or 6-8 years, while considering the play-way method of learning and child behaviour to inform their design decisions. Several process exercises were conducted incorporating the vision, brand identity, storytelling, concept, anthropometric drawings, furniture design, colour schemes and case studies.

The design proposals demonstrate their grasp of child-friendly spaces, material choices and furniture layout alterations. Each student has interpreted the impact of design on the lives of children and crafted environments that inspire and educate.

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