Devika Rekhi


Balancing Urban Density

The implementation of a comprehensive urban planning strategy to increase open spaces in high-density areas is crucial for mitigating the adverse effects of rapid urbanization and population growth. By optimizing existing urban spaces and engaging local communities in the planning process, it can enhance livability and foster social well-being. The proposed design approach emphasizes equitable access to open spaces and the integration of innovative technologies to optimize space utilization. Collaboration among municipal governments, urban planners, stakeholders, and residents will be essential to successfully implement and maintain these initiatives. Through proactive and inclusive urban planning, healthier, more resilient, and vibrant cities that cater to the needs and aspirations of present and future generations can be created.

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Evolutionary Computation

Evolutionary Computation

Mapping Layers

Existing Apartment Study

Existing Apartment Study

Design Ambition and Strategies

Gene Pool and Fitness Criteria


Master Plan and Visualisation

Model of the Existing Site and the Iteration