Manasavi Gupta


Pause and Reflect

In Khadia, Old Ahmedabad, urban overcrowding and a lack of pedestrian-friendly spaces present significant challenges to livability. The ambition is to provide small pockets of relief spaces for pedestrians to seek a moment of relief. The project "Pause and Reflect" aims to address these issues by strategically analyzing key nodes and street patterns to create inviting spaces for pedestrians to pause and reflect. 

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Report Content

Site introduction, Site and model photographs, Site analysis maps.

Learning terms and uses of a gene, gene pool and fitness criteria.

The shortest path pedestrians use to reach the closest public transportation.

Case Study and S.W.O.T analysis

Mapping nodes and attractors for Design Interventions

Integrated Approach: Design Ambition, Fitness Criteria, Design strategies and Interventions

Existing pause points of pedestrians and interventions which could take place near them

Analyzing Visibility at Varying Levels of Built Removal

Enhancing Pedestrian Spaces Through Built Setback

Displaying Strategic Intervention Points