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Shaikh Yasira Md Saeem


Unifying Urban Fabric: Introducing a Cohesive Typology

Integrating residential and commercial functions within the same neighborhood or building complex fosters a cohesive typology by designing shared courtyards and public spaces serves as a unifying element within a neighborhood. These areas encourage social interaction, community engagement, and a sense of belonging, as suggested by “A Pattern Language.” Encouraging incremental development and adaptive reuse of existing structures allows for the gradual evolution of a cohesive typology over time which the site demands. In an endeavor to preserve and celebrate the cultural and architectural heritage of a place, particular attention is directed towards the ‘otlas’ or interfaces.  

Report Content

Evolutionary Computation

Analyzing the Context

Site Model

Site Documentation

Site Analysis

Site Analysis

Existing Typology

Cluster level Analysis and Iterations

Design Strategies and Proposed Plan