Bhavishya Khatri


Urban Farm Communities

Urban Farm Communities is an urban revitalisation project which re-imagines the idea of community living, the very concept on which the pol clusters of the old Ahmedabad first came about. The project imagines public spaces as an opportunity for farm production- on the ground and the terraces. The secondary idea is to generate economic potential while working as a community of urban farmers. 

Report Content

Detailed Mapping of the selected site- Khadia III. Understanding the various aspect of the site. The degree of open spaces and the relation to built located immediate of it.

experiments in evolutionary computation. the studio methodolgy. Deriving the fittest iteration when certain modifiers are applied on it to get the optimal output.

Devji sarayji ni pol, which is a part of Khadia III, was studied in detail. The project has been developed keeping in mind the inferences and details from the same site.

project flowchart with the projected population trends

Design strategies and approach

detailed sunlight analysis on the site

Kadia III - Site model