Sneha Kuldeep Garg


Urban Oasis

 Ahmedabad lies its ancient core, an old city characterized by tightly-packed structures and a scarcity of greenery. For generations, its layout has remained dense and unyielding, leaving little room for natural spaces. Recognizing this imbalance, the project endeavors to rejuvenate this historic district by infusing it with ecological harmony.  So goal is not only to introduce green spaces but also to preserve its rich heritage while fostering a sense of community engagement. Through adherence to ecological principles, the aim is to transform this bustling streets and dead open spaces into a sustainable sanctuary, while following eco-friendly rules. 

Report Content

Khadia 3,old city Site Analysis, Mapping and site model

Evolution Computation on Cluster Pols

Evolution Computation on Cluster pols Part 2

Part-Site Internal Layouts and Facades study to understand the Urban Fabric

Part Site Quantification of maps and Model

Problem Statement and what now?

Project Flow Chart

Design Ambition and Strategies

Analysis and Iteration

3D Visualization