Navya Tess Sabu



Envisioning new economic trends due to upcoming futuristic large-scale infrastructure projects there could be a high demand for different rental housing formats, floated by the free market, especially Co-Living, as an emerging rental format possessing higher rental yield than traditional renting, due to its sharing model. With the launch of ARHC, public rental housing in PPP model, bought in affordable rental housing for the urban poor, with two sites of ARHC in Ahmedabad, opening up of more ARHC would aid to access decent rental housing for the poor in the city. 
Hence the study aims to expand the housing choices and develop strategic interventions to improve access and supply to rental housing and to remove barriers to supply mechanism for all income groups, addressing the issues and indicators of rental housing in Ahmedabad

Report Content

Overview of Rental Housing in Ahmedabad

Public Sector Rental Housing

Analyzing current market: Public Sector

Envisaging the future: Public sector

Private Sector Rental Housing

Supply and Demand Side

Rental Micromarket Analysis

Co-Living Rental Format

Rental Yield in Ahmedabad

Enabling the rental Market