Faculty: Sejal Patel | Amruta Patel

TA: Annesha Dasgupta

Housing Strategy

Studio aims at developing a citywide housing strategy to improve access to affordable and decent housing. Cities across the developed and developing countries are grappling with housing unaffordability as per the local land and labour markets. High land cost, construction cost and transaction costs in urban areas lead markets discouraged in providing affordable units ? leaving a large section of households seeking housing adjustments uncatered. Government attempts to directly provide for poor households living in substandard and informal housing, through policies and programs which are often ill conceived and straight jacketed at the state and national level rather than at the local level. However, the arguably successful tool i.e. Transferable Development Rights (TDR) has been largely being instrumental in implementing In-situ Slum Redevelopment, Public Housing Redevelopment, Heritage Properties Repair and Retrofit. The explicit evaluation of the process of TDR (generation, transfer and utilisation) (known to have availed the opportunity not only for the public authority to unlock the potential of lands under the brown field but also for the residents to get their houses rebuilt in-situ) could reveal its rationality. Along with augmenting the affordable housing and providing for substandard and informal housing, government has widened its focus even on rental housing in the city with the launch of Model Tenacy Act in 2019 and Affordable Rental Housing Complexes (ARHC). Studio explores different rental models for their suitability in local context while also analysing the niche area of senior living.

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